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What's New

17th November 2006
At last an update! Some photos of our holiday in Norfolk.

2nd December 2005
Uploaded a few photos of our holiday on the Isle of Wight.

17th August 2005
Added some more photos of Liz and Theo.

3trd April 2005
Added some more photos of Liz and Theo.

8th February 2005
Added a weight graph for Liz and changed the pages so that they are shared between the two children.

19th January 2005
Added the first photo of Liz.

10th January 2005
We have finally done a massive update to Theo's photos with most of 2004 now available.

12th December 2003
Recent updates include the kitchen work website and more Theo photos, now covering his entire first year.

8th October 2003
New, up-to-date photos of Theo have been added.

18th July 2003
Updated Theo's weight graph. He's now at the 74th percentile for weight, which is roughly where he was at birth, but he was down at the 25th percentile for the first few weeks, and below the 50th for the first 23 weeks. He's also now at the 90th percentile for height/length, as he was at birth. Also updated the MG ZS180 fuel economy graph, and added a load of photos of Theo.

18th July 2003
There have been no updates recently as my main home PC has had issues, which are shown on the pewter page. It's now working again, so there should be updates soon.

4th June 2003
More Theo photos.

22nd April 2003
Reorganised the Theo section, and added more Theo photos.

24th March 2003
Photos from our holiday in Studland, and more Theo photos.

13th March 2003
More Theo photos and a new Theo page.

4th March 2003
More Theo photos, a new MG ZS180 fuel economy graph and an update of Theo's weight graph.

9th February 2003
Added a couple of photos of Theo that actually show him smiling!

6th February 2003
More Theo photos.

19th January 2003
Making use of our new scanner, I've added a few more honeymoon photos.

19th January 2003
More Theo photos.

11th January 2003
Added a few photos of the MG ZS180.

8th December 2002
Becky has given birth to baby Theo. Here a page of photos of Theo.

20th August 2002
Finally added the rest of the wedding photos from a table camera.

18th August 2002
Added some photos from the weekend at my Dad's.

19th July 2002
Added the first scan of the baby.

11th June 2002
Added a few photos from our trip to Paris.

15th November 2001
Added a link to Karen's website to the about page..

5th November 2001
Added a few Fireworks photos from our fireworks party.

17th October 2001
Added a few Holiday photos from the Cotswolds.

13th September 2001
Added Honeymoon photos from Hawaii.

7th September 2001
Added Honeymoon photos from Las Vegas & Arizona.

22nd August 2001
Kate Roome's photos from the wedding are now available.

21st August 2001
More photos from a table camera at our wedding are available.

23th July 2001
More photos from our honeymoon are available.

17th July 2001
Some photos from the table cameras from the wedding reception are now available for your viewing pleasure.

30th May 2001
Updated the Wedding page with some more "Bridal Registry" information.

30th April 2001
Added some photos from Libby's baptism; we have the very large full-size images or the usable images with thumbnails.

3rd April 2001
Added a happy rant.

2nd April 2001
Added accommodation listings to the Wedding pages.

31st March 2001
Added another rant, and added gift list information to the Wedding page.

26th March 2001
Updated the Wedding section a bit.

7th March 2001
Added What's New? pages... is there something recursive about that?

27th February 2001
Added my opinion pages.

23rd February 2001
Added wedding pages.

23rd February 2001
Added BRM and games stats pages.

22nd February 2001
The website is launched.

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