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This page is preserved as it was just prior to our wedding in June 2001


Hello, and welcome to Jonathan and Becky's wedding pages. On 9th June 2001, we are getting married; it's as simple as that.

You should find here some interesting and important details to help you through the whole thing. Or, failing that, some information to help you get there. Or even, failing that, enough evidence to prove to yourself that we really are like that and you're better off not coming.

There may be some more to it than this, but all I can remember is:

1991, early summer, somewhere in Manchester: We met for the first time.
1999, December, Ipswich: We got engaged.
2001, June 9th, Ipswich: We get married.

Yes, things really did happen that fast. It's been a whirlwind. I know, we may be rushing into it, but we don't care - we're mad like that.
Other People
Firstly, we'd both like to thank our parents for having us. Without them, literally none of this would be possible. They do not have websites.
  • Mark Hamilton - the "Best Man". Mark lived with Jonathan at university. Um, go check out Mark's Band's Website as he has nothing else online yet.
  • Laura MacLeod - The "Bridesmaid". Laura is Becky's younger sister. Um, likewise, Laura hasn't got a website.
  • Toby Humphrey - Usher. Jonathan's brother-in-law, proud father of baby Libby, and Charlton supporter. Um, Toby doesn't have a website.
  • Gordon MacLeod - Usher. Becky's brother. Um, Gordon doesn't have a website. Perhaps I shouldn't have bothered with mentioning websites.
  • Matthew Earnshaw - Usher. Friend of Jonathan and Becky. Matthew works for Venation. He also doesn't have a website.
  • Mat Ford - Usher. Friend of Jonathan and Becky. Mat, thankfully, does have a website...
Plus of course, to everyone else we know, "Hi, thanks for visiting, see you soon!"
The Reception
The reception is to be held at Seckford Hall. Go check out their website; it's rather pleasant.

"Panelled walls, stone fireplaces, a wealth of oak beams" - yes, it sounds like the kind of place that should be shut down for health and safety reasons. But amazingly, it's one of the region's premier hotels, venues and dining facilities.

Feel free to book a room for the wedding weekend - but if you want the Tudor Room, it's taken :-)
How to get there
Please have a look at the Page of Directions which will be useful to pedestrians and car drivers alike.

These places are really quite easy to get to by car. The directions are written in more detail than is strictly necessary, just to be on the safe side. We're not saying that there are people coming who seem to get lost a lot more than is normal, no, not-at-all... OK, yes we are saying that.

We've decided that we can't really put any copies of the maps that we've made on our webpages here, because they have been blatantly stolen from copyrighted websites. A costly legal battle with a major online mapping company would really eat into our honeymoon savings. So, instead, if you would like a set of maps, please email me or contact either of our parents. We have already made plenty of copies that are just waiting to be sent in the post to you. Alternatively, if you would like to print out your own, we can email them to you.
We have two whole pages of carefully prepared accommodation listings for you.
We recommend that you book up accommodation as soon as possible, because this lovely region is one of the UK's most popular summer locations for bored middle-class people who want somewhere safe to visit.
Gift List
If you would like to give us a wedding gift, we:

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